Pricing & Process

Our Process

Our process begins with an inquiry about what our business can provide to yours.  Whether the inquiry is a result of a sales contact or a result of you reaching out to us, the process always begins with a meeting between us to discuss your business needs.

The next step is a thorough evaluation based on the services your business is seeking.  We feel this is the most important part of the process and take great care in the evaluation process.  Once the walkthrough is complete we will develop and provide you with our suggestions and develop a complete price quote.

Following the walkthrough and quoting process we will develop the contract and statement of work, depending on the services will be be providing you.  Once the contract and statement of work is signed we begin delivering our exceptional services to support your business.

Pricing Model

Our  pricing model on most services is simple – An hourly rate based on the services we’re providing.  You only pay for the number of support hours you need!  If you feel you only need two monthly hours of proactive support per month you only pay for two hours!

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